Our Philosophy

At Equititrust Capital, our corporate philosophy is founded on 3 over-arching principles:



The key asset in our business is our reputation. As they say, “Reputation comes on foot, but departs on horse.” A company’s response to the Global Financial Crisis¬† provides an enduring litmus test by which corporate character and philosophy are measureable.



We believe that individual and collective business objectives are best attainable through mutuality.


Think Solutions

We are rewarded only by achieving measurable results and delivering on our mantra of “Think Solutions.”

Our Brand

Branding is a symbolism of what a company represents. Our symbol represents a
Roman Voussoir arch, reflected over water.


The Roman Voussoir arch was a breakthrough in structural stability. Combined
with pozzolan concrete, it was one of the sturdiest methods of construction
the world had ever seen.


A ring of precisely cut stone is fitted together. Then a rope is wrapped around the stones as tightly as possible. The force of the rope causes the reaction of the stones
to shift inward and closer together, making a tighter and more secure bond.


The Board of Directors